Thursday, 12 July 2007

Ikea Hemnes day-bed record smashed.

Many thought that we would never walk on the moon, some doubted that man would fly, but nobody believed that a Hemnes day-bed could be built in less than 2 hours. Unflatpacker is proud to reveal that he has smashed his personal best of 2:05hrs with a new Unflatpack record of 1hr 55mins. Sadly this record may stand unchallenged as we are concerned that Ikea may be dropping this great piece of furniture from it's range. It doesn't appear on the revamped website, though we can confirm that it is still available in-stores. So if you are thinking of getting one, then get a move on.
We have installed loads of these and can report that it is an excellent piece of furniture. Typical of the Hemnes range, it is formed from MDF panels which are solidly fixed together with a generous amount of fixings. The unit contains 3 capacious pull-out draws that are approximately 55cm wide x 80cm deep. When extend, it makes a king size bed that is sturdy and looks quite comfortable. When contracted, it makes a normal single bed. Ikea recommend using it with 2 Fagres mattresses. They are not so thick that you couldn't sleep on both of them when used in single mode and of course they separate when used as a double.
The day-bed is ideal for a teenage girls bedroom. With the addition of a few cushions it makes an acceptable sofa, ideal for slouching on.
In terms of construction, it is a tough one. it is a complex item and there are several points where it is easy to misunderstand the instructions. We have been called out a few times for clients that have started one and either given up part way through or have made a mistake during assembly. One we would definitely recommend calling a professional to install.
This assembly did take place in ideal conditions and our client, a photographer, was desperate to use it in a shoot. we would normally estimate that assembly would take between 2 & 2.5hrs.

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Lisa said...

Do you happen to recall whether this bed is made in such a way that a child safety rail could be mounted on the open side? Thanks

liambyrnes said...

Im in the UK and am about to assemble one of these. I dont suppose you would mind directing me where in the instructions is easy to bemislead? feel free to email me byrnesyliam (at) gmail (dot) com

Ruth Graham said...

Hey experts! Hope you can help!
Just built this beast and all looks well till we slide the trundle in. At that point the main frame of the bed gets lifted from the floor at the front by almost an inch. Been through it, checked everything, and all seems ok. Any ideas?

Thanks X

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